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Posted By : Individual    Posted On : 28-June-2016
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Have you been arrested for a DUI in Southern California? DUIs are a lot more complicated and serious than one might be led to believe. Our Orange County professional lawyers are well experienced in this particular field of law and have a long history of servicing for clients. People can be charged with multiple DUI’s in the face of law, so you ought to find the professional law practitioner in this required time. As a matter fact, quite commonly, a few people don’t even know that if their blood alcohol level rises above 0.08%, they will arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony depending on the circumstances. So, you must know that even an average alcohol level in your blood content might be earning you a DUI. Atias Law Group stresses on driving clean by preventing any kind of alcohol and drug use while on the road. People often take it for granted, and forget that driving while intoxicated in Orange County can mean jail time. Don’t hesitate to call and get information regarding your case. We offer free consultations and are always available by telephone to discuss your matter. For more information, please visit

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