Do You Look For A Company With Expertise In GLP Formulation? Choose Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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You know the importance of Good Laboratory Practice or GLP if you are in the pharma domain. If you look for a good drug formulation service with the right expertise in GLP formulation, you can choose Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. This company is a leading-edge boutique Formulation CRO that offers innovative proprietary drug delivery and drug formulation services. They offer their service not just to the human, but also to the veterinary pharma companies. The main focus of Latitude is to face the special challenges related to formulation development for compounds. They always wish to focus on compounds that are highly insoluble, highly unstable and also those with poor bioavailability. This focus has made Latitude a specialist with the right kind of track record and expertise in tackling the challenges associated with drug formulation for problematic drug candidates. For more information, please visit

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