Meditech Spirox plus (Medical Devices)

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SPIROMETER TYPE: PLUS New version 2019/2020 of Type " plus " Large and color screen Forced Vital Capacity (FVC). Forced Expired Volume in one second (FEV1). The ratio of FEV1 and FVC (FEV1/FVC). Peak expiratory flow (PEF). 25% flow of the FVC (FEF25). 50% flow of the FVC (FEF50). 75% flow of the FVC(FEF75) and average flow between 25% and 75% of the FVC(FEF2575) can be measured. Besides. The user condition can be shown by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value. Flow rate-volume chart, volume-time chart display. Data memory, delete, upload and review. Trend chart display. Calibration. Information prompts when volume or flow goes beyond the limits. Automatic power off when there is no operation in two minutes. Rechargeable lithium battery and with charging tips. Battery power display. USB Socket for PC Software Bluetooth module built-in Comes with PC Software ( printing report)

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